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Perth Rally for Marriage Equality

Crowds gathered at Stirling Gardens in Perth on Saturday August 11 for the eighth annual Marriage Equality Rally. That’s right! It’s been eight years since the ban on marriage equality in Australia. The event, organised by… Continue reading

Obama, First to Come Out

President Obama is the first acting president to come out in support of marriage equality! He made his opinion known in an interview today, which he explained stemmed from his experience with gay… Continue reading

Bully – A Documentary with an R Rating

I think it’s safe to say everyone has experienced bullying in one way or another. Whether you were being bullied, you were the bully or you were someone on the sidelines.  In the… Continue reading

Gillard Says Gay Marriage is Inevitable

Three same-sex couples dined with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the Lodge last night to talk about same-sex marriage.  Gillard spoke of the increasing pressure on politicians to legalize same-sex marriage world wide. Sandy… Continue reading

Equal Marriage Rights in Washington: Senate Approves Bill

The Washington State Senate Passed a bill on Wednesday that will legalize same sex marriage. Gov. Chris Gregoire supports the measure and has agreed to sign it into law when it gets to… Continue reading